Executive Summary

The Women’s Farming Syndicate (WFS) started in 2011 with its main thrust in Agribusiness, with a diverse membership from professionals to grass roots. WFS members are from all ages and backgrounds, linked by common aims and objectives with the purpose of promoting the Best of Zimbabwean Agriculture. WFS was born out of the need to empower women to become self-sufficient and create an enabling environment for women to prosper in Zimbabwe. WFS’s headquarters is in Domboshava Matabvu Village, in Mashonaland East Province, Zimbabwe. Our motto is “Developing Women Changing Lives”.

WFS’s work covers all agriculture related thematic areas including forestry, aquaculture and fisheries, apiculture, environment, trade and extension services. The leadership of WFS is comprised of:

  • Miss Tsitsi Valerie Machingauta- Founder and Executive Director, Health Scientist, Social worker, Agribusiness expert, PR and marketing specialist
  • Miss Rutendo Chitiga- Climate change and sustainability expert
  • Miss Praise Mutondo- National administrator
  • Miss Loice Madanyika- Project Coordinator
  • Miss Jullian Gonese – Internal Designer
  • Mrs Tariro Charakupa Chigono – Environmental Management Expert



Our Vision is a nation where women have equal opportunities and the capacity, confidence and capital necessary to establish and grow businesses, resulting in a brighter future for women themselves and their communities as a whole.


WFS’s mission is to represent and advocate on behalf of women in agriculture and allied industries at policy forums and create the conditions for the adoption of policies that create an enabling environment and improve the economic environment and livelihoods of producers, their families and rural communities.


  •  To empower women in agriculture and allied industries
  •  Create sustainable internal and external markets
  •  Create sustainable and affordable funding options
  •  To build strategic partnerships with key stakeholders


The Women’s Business Fund

Women who are financially independent have greater control over their own and their children’s lives. Economic security gives women more influential voice in tackling injustice and discrimination in their communities and wider society.


In view of this WFS setup the Women’s Business Fund to provide affordable, long term funding solutions for women entrepreneurs to build and grow their businesses. The WBF is a private backed lending scheme intended to help smaller viable women run businesses who may be struggling to secure finance, by facilitating bank loans of between $1000 and $100,000. It is intended to enable banks to lend to viable small businesses that are unable to provide the security that the bank would otherwise require.

WBF is backed by a comprehensive mentorship programme as women entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe still lack the business skills, technology, networks and access to capital they need to be successful in the long term. The mentorship program provides support in these four key areas so that women can grow their businesses and create employment opportunities. WBF has been setup to provide targeted intervention for viable MSME’s and support women lead businesses.

The Mentoring Women in Business Programme

By combining mentoring with running a business, the Mentoring Women in Business Programme is pioneering a new way of supporting women entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe. Women have ideas and ambition to become successful entrepreneurs but are held back by barriers such as lack of business skills, technology, networks, and finance. In response WFS has developed an innovative solution that combines women actively engaging in income generating projects and building their business skills and become part of a community of committed, ambitious entrepreneurs who are invested in each other’s success. The programme boosts confidence, improves business performance and ultimately creates wealth for the entrepreneurs we support.


Sponsorship and Fundraising

The Women’s Farming Syndicate will be hosting a wide variety of fundraising and programmatic events that are available for corporate sponsorship, including but not limited to

  •  Women’s Showcase Market
  •  Workshops of agricultural competitiveness and farming as a business
  •  Workshops on meeting voluntary standards for local and export markets
  •  Field days and up markets

Sponsorship opportunities for each event feature benefits that meet the complex needs of corporate philanthropy. WFS is always happy to tailor sponsorship opportunities to the changing needs of our funders, and we are eager to explore new and innovative ways to partner with business in our mission to empower women and girls- the future leaders of our communities. We believe much can be achieved in our work by meaningful collaborations with the business sector.



  • Represent its beneficiaries in governmental, non- governmental and intergovernmental platforms, with a view to encouraging the nation’s agricultural and business community to establish and develop contact, relations and partnerships.
  • Promote and advocate on behalf of women in agriculture and allied industries, encouraging the creation of gender sensitive agricultural and business policies.
  • Encouraging partnerships among its beneficiaries, as well as with international organisations, executing agreements, protocols and conventions and third parties in general.
  • Conduct and promote research, in-depth analysis and studies, as well as support and organise conferences, meetings and seminars on topics and arguments of interest to the industry.


Key achievements

  • Secured land to build a Skills Training Centre and Processing Plant
  • Developed over 30 product ranges and secured an export market for Baobab, Small grains and sun dried vegetables
  • Training over 5000 women on farming as a business sponsored by the Women’s Business Fund
  • Setting up 100 community gardens and nurseries
  • Member of AWEP (African Women Entrepreneurship Program), AWAN (African Women Agri-business Network), Zimbabwe Apex for Women in Agriculture and Climate Smart Alliance

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